Specialty: World Music
Acoustic Guitarist Harry Irizarry has an extensive World music
repertoire inspired by his formative years in Puerto Rico.  His
repertoire of over 100 songs include classical selections,
pasodobles, rumbas, nouveau flamenco, sambas, boleros, cariocas,
rumba flamenca, bossa nova, South American, Caribbean and many
other highly percussive musical styles.

Some of his
original compositions include: Rumba Sin Rumbo,
Descarga Flamenca, Seis Rumbeao, La Negra Flamenca, Es Cosa
De Bossa, Diminished Dreams and Kaleidoscope.

His first album,
Rumba Sin Rumbo, was released in early October
2005.  For this acoustic guitar instrumental CD, percussionist Carlos
Garcia, born in Belize and residing in Albuquerque, provided a
masterful mix of drums and Latin percussion.
Harry performs and records with Pimentel
Guitars using La Bella black nylon strings.

World Music - Composer, Performer, Recording Artist, Instructor